Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

Participate in Indigenous Peoples Day Activities

Today we want to encourage you to find out how you can participate in Indigenous Peoples Day activities in your area. There aren’t any? Well, that’s an invitation to organize one! As an example, here’s how we did it in Boulder:

Four years ago we worked with a few other Native and non-Native people to draft an Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution for our City Council, and they approved it — unanimously! Watch it below. What we like most about it is that it’s not just about a celebration one day each year. It commits the City and all its citizens to lift up the history and presence of Native peoples here through many activities year-round. To do that, we founded a local organization, Right Relationship Boulder, that is working with city and county governments, school districts, churches, and other organizations to implement the Resolution. Here’s the beautiful logo Native youth created for us:

Right now we’re very busy organizing events for our celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, October 13. At our Right Relationship Boulder event, Native peoples who were displaced from their Boulder homeland will return to offer cultural and educational presentations along with Indigenous people from many tribes who have moved into the area more recently. In this 6-minute video you can get a glimpse of how we celebrated last year.

We would love to hear how you’re celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day and working toward right relationship with Native peoples in your community. Please send your experiences, your ideas, resources and questions to

And if you’d like to support our work, your donations will be much appreciated and conscientiously applied to our work toward right relationship with Native peoples. Secure, tax-deductible donations can be made online (in the “purpose” box select Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples), or send a check to Friends Peace Teams-TRR, 1001 Park Ave., St. Louis MO 63104.

It is good to be walking this path together, Friends. Warm greetings! — Paula