Become part of the long-term solution

Friends Peace Teams relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to carry out peace activities all over the world. Please consider joining us today!


Share our stories

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Subscribe to PeaceWays

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Host a Speaker

Invite your Yearly Meeting Representative, Working Group members, or FPT Speaker to offer an interactive presentation.

Report Our Stories

Send our stories to your Yearly or Monthly Meeting newsletters, other organizations, or local newspapers. Distribute copies of PeaceWays with personal stories about why this peace work is important to you.

Host TRR Presentations

Invite Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples workshop facilitators to present programs in your community. Learn about the ongoing consequences of genocide and colonization in the United States, and consider ways you can support healing in Native American communities.


Form a Local Peace Team

Support your YM Representative, ask your YM to name a representative, and/or let your YM Nominating Committee know you would like to serve in this position. YM Representatives become members of the FPT Council and YM Representative Committee, and may offer your skills to other committees.

Join the FPT Council

Offer your skills in clerking, recording, legal work, finance, fundraising, communications, coordinating and so forth. The council meets on a monthly conference call and annual meeting. It also produces a PeaceQuest conference once a year, following the face-to-face meeting. 

Join a Working Group

We seek volunteers to meet monthly on a conference call and do administrative tasks such as recording minutes, in-reach and outreach, publicity, accounting, fundraising, translation, and video documentation. Most of these tasks do not involve travel and can be done from anywhere.  

Join the Power of Goodness

We seek writers of new stories, translators of existing stories, artists to solicit children’s illustrations, readers to review submissions, teachers and school counselors to develop programs, and facilitators to conduct short, thematic workshops.  

Become a Toward Right Relationship workshop facilitator.

Help us carry this work of education, justice, and reconciliation between Native and non-Native peoples to all parts of the United States.


Offer Extended Service

Initiatives match volunteer skills to partner needs. Volunteers are expected to raise funds to cover their own transportation and personal expenses for the duration of their stay.

Visit the African Great Lakes

AGLI seeks work camp volunteers when suitable projects arise, and extended service volunteers to support local partners.

Visit in Asia West Pacific

AWP seeks traveling companions to mentor in peace work and extended service volunteers with skills in AVP, nonviolent preschool education, and library programs.

Visit in Latin America

PLA seeks Spanish-speaking AVP facilitators and extended service volunteers with skills in meditation, non-hegemonic masculinities, restorative justice, and healing from sexual and gender-based violence.

Attend a Training

Sign up for email news from AGLI, AWP or PLA to receive notices on upcoming international peace training opportunities.


Host a Fundraiser

Plan a bake sale, storytelling, house party, soup and bread dinner, concert, collection box or program.

Sponsor a Peace Worker

Sponsor a peace worker from your country of choice to attend a regional or international peace gathering or training. Travel is often highly enriching for them, but beyond their ability to pay.


No current openings