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  • Barak Induk Takes a Huge Step Closer to Legal Status

    In 2018, Harapan Maju Village, the official local government of the area, launched a program to bring electricity into Barak Induk. On January 8, 2018, the national electricity company (PLN) contracted 45 poles received by Mislan on behalf of Barak Induk residents. On January 23, 2018, Mount Leuser National Park

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  • Congratulations for Graduation!

    Egi Legiatik and Suci Suherni graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education thanks to the generosity of Quakers, particularly New York Yearly Meeting’s World Ministries Committee. Having grown up in a war and exiled to the mountains with nothing, they saw the worst of humanity. For these women

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  • PeaceQuest 2018

    PeaceQuest 2018 What is Quaker Peacebuilding? Saturday, April 21 8:30 to 5:00 Peace Potluck, April 21 6:30pm Nashville Friends MeeHng House 530 26th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209 All peace workers are invited to join Friends Peace Teams who are working all over the world for a day of reflection,

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  • PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2018 is Here

    A new issue of PeaceWays has arrived – PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2018 This PeaceWays contains annual reports for 2017 from the three Initiatives of Friends Peace Teams, Peacebuilding en las Américas (PLA), African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI), and Asia West Pacific (AWP) plus the Friends Peace Teams Council.

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  • PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 is Here

    Click here to view PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 This large issue of PeaceWays contains background information as well as project news from several countries for each of the three initiatives: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia in Peacebuilding en Las Américas (PLA); Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine and North Caucasus, and Korea in Friends Peace Teams in

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