Peacebuilding en Las Américas – May 2019 

Workshops with Garifuna Women in Tornabe, Tela, Honduras

by Nelly DelCid, AVP Facilitator in Honduras 

On May 27 and 28 we were in Tornabe with the Free Butterflies, a collective of Garifuna women from towns across Tela. We completed a basic AVP workshop that brought us closer as a group and gave us the opportunity to reflect on these violence that have weakened our lives. A group of 22 women working to build themselves up with good treatment and connect with their power to transform themselves.

With this group, several workshops have already been done and today we are starting a new round. The members of the group expressed their wish that other women in their organization would also receive the AVP. The women of Free Butterflies who have already attended the workshops have encouraged others to participate in the workshops. In the community there are relations marked by violence, especially domestic violence, sexual violence and normalized psychological violence through ridicule and delegitimization of one another.

In the context of violence and deepening of poverty, we have found that several members of the group have left on the caravans of migrants and others relatives have paid people to take them to the United States. This fact has affected the group so that for them this workshop came at a good time to help strengthen their sense of community and belonging to the organization.

According to the final evaluation several participants expressed that they liked the talk of Transforming Power because they could understand the relationship that exists between learning to respect themselves and respecting others.

“I learned to speak calmly, to love myself and improve living with the people of the house “

They also stated that they liked the Concentric Circles because it gave them the opportunity to talk about topics that they very rarely discuss with each other, the exercise of Role Plays was mentioned because they could observe that the transforming Power does not act when “we have a closed mind”. The Light and Livelies were the most praised because it allowed them to relax and laugh a lot and help them release their sorrows.

What helped us to the success of the workshop was the constancy of the women, the promotion AVP from the women that have already taken workshops, and to have an open and discreet space.

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