Asia West Pacific – December 12, 2018

The Water Filter is Great!

by Subhash Chandra

FPT-AWP helps fund water filter for the National Land Rights Forum (NLRF) in Nepal

National Land Rights Forum Request Filter 

When planning for the Creating Cultures of Peace Training in Nepal, the National Land Rights Forum (NLRF) leadership raised the issue of safe drinking water. They are newly developing their Learning Center in Thimura and didn’t have a supply of clean drinking water yet. NLRF asked FPT-AWP if they could use the water budget to install a drinking water filter rather than to pay for purchasing or boiling drinking water for whole group for three weeks. Subhash forwarded the request to Nadine, and with John they discerned that purchasing a water filter system was the best approach.

Early November, Kalpana from CSRC, Saraswati from NLRF and Subhash discussed which filter type to install. Then, we travelled to Thimura on 18-19 November 2018 for on-site training preparations. During that visit, we arranged to install the filter outside the training Hall (see the picture).

We choose a Kent Company filter, one of the most trusted filter systems available in the country and available for $270 USD to purchase and install the filter. It is user-friendly and automatically indicates when to change the filter. It uses Reverse osmosis (RO), UV (Ultra Violet) rays, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and UF (Ultrafiltration) system to purify the water. It processes ten liters of water in an hour. The filter supplier provides maintenance as needed in the future.

There were several immediate benefits of having the filter in Thimura.
  • We all got to drink safe water during the Training without water-related stress either to the participants or to the hosts.
  • It saved time and human resources. Saraswati Subba, NLRF General Secretary, said, “In the past when we used to organize events, we had to allocate one person fully to manage and supply drinking water thoughout the days. But, this time it is so easy and safe.”
  • While Nadine was in the hospital for treatment and later in the hotel for recovery, we transported jugs of water from the Learning Center. Bottled water from the market is not always trustworthy.
  • We avoided excessive purchasing and use of plastic bottles!

This water filter will serve the ongoing needs of the NLRF team members, future training events, and staff now stationed at the Learning Center including Nari Ram Lohar, a Peace Place participant in 2017.

At the end of our training, Jagat Deuja, CSRC Executive Director, said, “We want Subhash to stay in Thimura for two months in a year to facilitate this kind of training for more people.” So we are grateful to FPT for making clean drinking water possible to those who stay and participate in training in Thimura into the future.