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Virtual AVP Workshop in Nepal:

An opportunity to strengthen relationship among facilitators and enhance skills

By Subhash Chandra

AVP Nepal has been receiving few requests for virtual workshops. However, Nepali facilitators wanted clarity and confidence on how to run virtual workshops. Therefore, we decided to conduct workshop sessions with facilitators first before offering it to new participants. We conducted the first session on 15th June. Twelve facilitators participated in the virtual session, and Ram, Arjun and Subhash facilitated.

AVP Nepal Chair Bhim Lal Gurung thinks that with this experience we proved we could offer virtual workshops to new groups as this builds up our experience and skills. Facilitator Jamuna Maharjan says: “this kind of gathering sessions brings facilitators closer and helps us understand each other better. It is a good opportunity for us to nurture a stronger community of facilitators.” Facilitator Indira Shrestha said that we should continue to gather these kinds of facilitators’ sessions so that we feel closer and support each other. Facilitator Ramesh said that the virtual session helped to learn new ways of doing activities as well as technical skills to enable us to support virtual participation.

The plan to offer the next session on 28th June 2020.