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Vilma Flores Reflects on Peace Baskets and Putting AVP Tools into Practice

by Vilma Flores, AVP facilitator in La Ceiba, Honduras

“I am Vilma Flores, facilitator of AVP in La Ceiba, Honduras. My husband has not been able to work in this time of quarantine. He offers technical services and it has been difficult to go out to work. My daughter, Damaris, who is a biologist, was sent to work from home without a salary. She only received a small financial aid. There is little income and the cost of the basic basket increased by 400%.

During this time we have put into practice some AVP tools: Hope for the best, take care of the neighbor, responsible claim, positive affirmations, consensus, creative management of emotions. The three people who live together at home have participated in AVP and have collaborated to relate better. I want to thank this Peace Basket/ PAN PAV project, as we have always seen hunger generate violence. This provision is a great help and blessing from GOD. With this project, violence in various homes is prevented. It is a propitious moment for this alternative providing and sharing for the needs of families; also for those deprived of liberty, who received a grooming kid. This is wonderful because we are modeling caring for our neighbor. Thanks, Namaste”

PLA is now receiving contributions for the Peace Baskets Project – PAN PAV. Our immediate goal is to raise $5,000. All donations welcome.

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