African Great Lakes 

Stories from Children’s Peace Library in Rwanda

By Transformational Leadership Center (TLC), Francine and Emma

Some Activities:

  • Kigali Children’s Peace Library — Librarians attended training of literacy for peace and justice on zoom (Read Aloud) in April and May. In May, Emma, Francine and Atalie visited four libraries (Kidaho, Musanze, Kanzenze and Bugeshi libraries). On May 26, librarians led a Read Aloud for students from primary 5, the book is called Grandma’s bananas
  • Gicumbi Children’s Peace Library — Librarian visited Primary School GACURABWENGE to remind students to return books borrowed during the Holidays. AGLI Coordinator visited in April. He appreciated the library workers and reminded the librarians of their responsibilities  to build a culture of reading and peace amongst the children.
  • Kanzenze Children’s Peace Library — Students from a different school were there to share with the visitors how the library helped them.   We also introduced the  read aloud program where Emma read a book twice in English and Console read it once in Kinyarwanda. The book was The Monkey and the Drought. The students discussed the questions and the lessons learned in this story
  • Bugeshi Children’s Peace Library — On 22rd May we received the visitors Emma, Athalie and Francine, 54 students from primary and Secondary with  6 parents, the students and parents shared how they beneficiate in this library. Emma and Francine read Aloud the book  called The Monkey and Drought.
  • Kidaho Children Peace Library — In May, received visitors and have conversation with children on important of library and shared the lesson learned from the books. Introduced read Aloud program, Emma and Francine read a book called The Monkey and Drought, the children discussed the new words they learned and the lessons learned from the books.   

My Name is NTORE Brave, I am a student in primary five at George Fox Primary School in Kagarama, I live in Kicukiro and I am 12 years old and I started to use this library when I was in primary one. Reading helped me to learn a lot of things. I was able to learn other languages like English and French, and I also got other skills from the information in the books. Being allowed to borrow books is a great opportunity for me because sometimes when I read the books in the library I didn’t have time to finish the books, but now I take books home and can read them until I finish. I want to encourage all students to like this program of reading and borrowing books because it helped me so much.

My Name is TUYUBAHE Innocent, I am 13 years old and a student at KANZENZE Primary School. Our library is very special to me. Reading books in the library helps me improve my grades in my classes.I thank you for giving us this library and I appreciate the way the librarians read the books for us. The new program which is called ‘read aloud.’ It helps us to know how to spell the words and to know more vocabulary about the story.

My name is UWINEZA Divine, and I am a student in secondary two at G.S Akitoni(Bugeshi Sector). I like to come and borrow books from the Bugeshi Children’s Peace Library. I read more books but one of them I like the most is called “NYIRAMUBANDE No7”. It is a story of a girl called UWASE, and her family has a conflict. One day UWASE met with the rich boy who gave her the money, and when he gave UWASE money he asked her to have sex with him. Then when UWASE became pregnant, the boy refused to continue to help her. UWASE was not able to continue her school and the conflict also increased between the parents. This story opened my mind to be careful with someone who wants to help me, especially the boys. Also I read how I can prevent early pregnancies.


  • Bugeshi Children’s Peace Library is too small and has many students  
  • Some libraries don’t have dictionaries to help students with reading  
  • Too few chairs and tables the students can use when they are reading  


  • There is a need for different Kinyarwanda and English books and books about physics, chemistry  
  • Need for Computers and other materials to use in the library 
  • Some libraries have too small  room, we wish to expand to a bigger room  
  • Need more books in Kinyarwanda, English and French, including dictionaries  
  • To have some computers