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“Roots of Injustice Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship With Native People”

5/15/21 National Workshop Online, Register Here

5/22/21, Boulder Rotary Club

5/27/21 Wisconsin Department of Transportation

6/13/21 National Workshop Online, Register Here

6/28/2021, Friends General Conference Gathering

7/17/2021 New England Yearly Meeting

7/31/2021, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

9/11/2021, Sinsinawa Mound WI

10/5/2021, Second Baptist Church, Liberty MO

“Re-Discovering America: Understanding Colonization”
“Two Rivers” Film and Discussion 
“The Land Remembers”  

6/30/2021, Friends General Conference

7/30/2021, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

“The Quaker Indian Boarding Schools: Facing our History and Ourselves”  

6/29/2021 Friends General Conference

10/3/2021 Fayetteville Meeting, Arkansas

“The Indian Boarding Schools and Multigenerational Trauma” 
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