Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

TRR Resources for Being the Change

by Paula Palmer

Dear Friends,

What a powerful convergence of events we are having this weekend: Today Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery and a national demand for racial justice in the United States. Tomorrow the Poor Peoples Campaign’s moral march on Washington. And Sunday the solstice, marking a cosmic shift.

If ever a cosmic shift was needed, this is the moment.

Here are some visionary articles and resources promoting such a shift in our hearts, our behaviors, and our national policies:

Yes MagazineIs it Time for Truth and Reconciliation in the U.S?
   Excerpt:  Canada and South Africa both used similar commissions to grapple with their histories of racism and genocide. The U.S. could benefit from following suit.
Indigenous Environmental NetworkA Peoples’ Orientation to a Regenerative Economy — Protect, Repair, Invest, Transform 
      Excerpt:  “We are calling out for systemic change for an entirely different governance and legal framework that recognizes that Earth’s living systems are not the enslaved property of humans. Just as it is wrong for men to consider women property or one race to consider another race as property, it is wrong for humans to see nature as property; a concept that came from white Eurocentric settlers called dominion.”
Saturday June 20: The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations Webinar
     Excerpt: “Hear the wisdom shared by a delegation of elders who come with directions from Mother Earth to help us walk through these times of great chaos and change”
With hope and commitment to BEING the change,