Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

TRR News, Resources and Actions 6.29.20

by Paula Palmer

Dear Friends,
With hopes that you are well, we are eager to share some news and some excellent online resources.
TRR News:
We are putting finishing touches on a Zoom version of our workshop, “Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples.”  We might never have done this without the significant push from Covid-19, but now we see that its value will extend far beyond this crisis period. Via Zoom we’ll be able to offer this workshop and other TRR programs to groups who otherwise might not have learned about our work. We’re already scheduled to facilitate Zoom workshops in August, September, and October! If you know of groups that might like to try this, too, please let us know (see contact info below).
A couple provocative articles that envision a positive future and propose paths forward: 
From Yes! Magazine, by Yasmeen Wafai:
Canada and South Africa used similar commissions to grapple with their histories of racism and genocide. The U.S. could benefit from following suit.
From the Indigenous Environmental Network:
This is a manifesto and a strategy to end a legacy of exploitation, ecocide and environmental, energy, climate and economic injustice. “We are calling out for systemic change for an entirely different governance and legal framework that recognizes that Earth’s living systems are not the enslaved property of humans. Just as it is wrong for men to consider women property or one race to consider another race as property, it is wrong for humans to see Nature as property, a concept that came from white Eurocentric settlers called Dominion.” Read the complete document and pass it on!
A television channel for films and programs by and about Indigenous Peoples, for all people: 
Please contact us if you’d like to share questions, comments, or tell us how you are working toward right relationship with Indigenous peoples. Be sure to visit our website, and if you’d like to support our work please make a secure online donation here. Thank you, and good wishes!