Peacebuilding en Las Américas – January 2019

AVP Trauma Resiliency Workshop with Human Rights Defenders
El Progreso, Honduras

Mercy Dream Weavers of San Pedro Sula sponsored an AVP Trauma Resiliency Workshop for women human rights defenders in El Progreso on October 29-31 with seven members of the Women’s Network of El Progreso (REMUPRO).

The women have received death threats for defending their territories, so the Office of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights in Honduras is following the situation.

Fearing for her life, one woman joined the Caravan to the U.S., which left Honduras just before the workshop began. For those who have remained, AVP has had a big impact according to Facilitator, Nelly Delcid. One participant related to me privately while I was in Progreso how she had been captured by the military, taken into the mountains at night to be killed and how she prayed, spoke without fear to a military officer, touched his heart and narrowly escaped assassination.

In workshop evaluations, other participants expressed: 

In our country, we live with a male chauvinist patriarchy and without hope, with great violence and material and spiritual poverty. It is necessary to give hope for what we can and are capable of doing. I want other people to live this beautiful experience of freedom, of letting go, of learning how to laugh when you thought that you could not.

We all, men and women, deserve to be free and happy, masters of ourselves. Only connecting to ourselves and to love can we live in community and liberty. 

People think that there are no ways out of their lives, that there is no solution. I learned that we can repair our lives.

I learned that I have much more potential than I thought, that I have strengths that I did not see. I want to let go and leave behind negativity, victimization, drama, re-embrace life as a marvelous opportunity for change.

The past is only a memory. Today I have to live in the present with new expectations and approach the future based on the fact that I am free.