Peacebuilding en Las Américas 

Trauma Healing Workshops with Women in Locomapa, Honduras 

by Nelly DelCid, AVP Honduras

A Trauma Healing Workshop was held on October 24-27 in San Francisco Locomapa, Yoro, Honduras with 10 Indigenous Tolupan Women. The workshops in Locomapa, Yoro began in May of this year. We then continued in July and we have finished in October.

The situation in the community is difficult and complicated. Families are divided in the defense of forests. In this year two defenders have been murdered and the assassins remain free. The three workshops we provided were attended mostly by young women whose parents are part of the forest defense movement. Because of the many losses they have suffered in the community, we decided to do the trauma healing workshop.

The workshop was scheduled to take place in five sessions. The facilitators arrived a day earlier to visit the community and encourage the participants. Ten women attended the workshop and 10 girls and boys arrived with them.One of the older girls helped keep the children out of the work room.

Participants of this workshop shared below:

The workshop helped me to be a better person, to be more patient to value and appreciate myself as I am, I was able to express myself and felt free.

It helped me to be happy, to be more patient and loving with the people around me.

It helped me to change the way I live, to be loving with others.

In my ability to manage my emotions and say what I think without regret.

The workshop helps me not to be angry, to clean my interior and to express myself,

It helped me to change many things in my life today I am not the same as before.