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Three-day trauma healing workshop for Gender Based Violence Victims in Burundi

by Friends Women’s Association

A three-day trauma healing workshop was done on May 27th – 29th 2019 for on Gender Based Violence Victims. At the end of May 2019, 45 self-help groups for a total of 1055 women were functioning.


My name is Ntunzwenimana Diana. I was told that my mother threw me away when I was two months old because they were always fighting with my father. I grew up feeling that I was rejected. I got married to a soldier who has been fighting in the forest. He now has disabilities in one of his legs. He has been very abusive to me.  Most of the time, he locks me in our room and beats me with his belt. I have a lot of scars all over my skin. He says I have nowhere to go because even my mother threw me away. One day, he was caught in adultery with a sex worker. He paid BIF 100,000 to be released. However, he never provide for me and our two kids. I have to wash some people’s clothes in order to survive. I’m now under birth control as it is very hard to survive with my two kids. I’m very thankful for this workshop. Most people think that I live peacefully with my husband because I have not revealed to them the way I’m surviving. This is my first time to share this story in a group of people.