Asia West Pacific – November 4, 2018

1st National Peace Training in Nepal in November

We are almost prepared to conduct the first ever National Peace Training in Nepal. Theme of the training is Creating Culture of Peace. Trainings will take place during 12th-18th November and 21st-27th November in Thimura- a rustic resource center run by lands rights group.

Subhash and Kalpana Karki are jointly organizing locally in close consultation and discernment with Nadine. Kalpana works for the land and agrarian reform in Nepal with Community Self Reliance Center (CSRC) and has participated in the International Peace Training in Peace Place in January, 2018.

Out of two, the first training will be for a mixed group in which participants from various walks of life will come from at least five different geographical locations across the country. There will be at least 3 participants from one location. The idea is to start developing and nurturing a team of peace workers who are willing to care for Creating Culture of Peace in their location.

The second training will be for the core leadership of CSRC and NLRF (National Land Rights Forum). CSRC and NLRF lead the biggest nonviolent social movement for land and agrarian reform/rights in Nepal. FPT AWP started building relationship with CSRC and NLRF since the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Subhash is contributing to this movement of justice since more than a decade.

Nadine, John Michalis from USA/Australia, Rosie from New Zealand will be visiting Nepal to facilitate the trainings. Subhash and Kalpana will join the team from Nepal. John and Subhash will travel to Pokhara for further workshops during the first week of December. Ram has planned workshops there and wants us to join him.

Our hope is that these trainings will be a milestone in developing groups of people in various locations in Nepal who in coming days will be taking care of the seeds of peace we plant. Subhash is willing to give time, care and attention to nurture those groups for next few years with necessary support and shared wisdom from FPT AWP.

Kalpana stands with Nadine in Peace Place last year for the International Peace Training. This year, she is contributing as a core team member of the team to organize and host National Peace Training in Nepal. Photo by Subhash.