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Cultures of Peace Training for Yoga Teachers in Kathmandu

Yoga helps us to maintain our physical health. Creating Cultures of Peace helps us take care of our emotional health and relationships, with ourselves and with others. In the training, participants learn practical tools for peaceful living in our private and public lives. To share those tools, Subhash and Arjun, an AVP facilitator in Kathmandu, facilitated an empowerment workshop for Yoga Instructors in Kathmandu on 9-13 September 2019. Fourteen participants gathered to share, listen, learn and practice tools for peace and nonviolence.

Core-self drawings- this is how we look in our core selves as a community, 10 September 2019, photo by Subhash

Good listening and personal sharings in concentric circles, 13 September 2019, photo by Subhash

Narayan journaling his reflection of his experience of ‘Affirmation Name’ exercise on 9th September, Photo by Subhash

Only good intentions are not enough; actions need to be in line with the intention- participants playing Limbo stick, 13 September, photo by Subhash

Sabita (looking up) and friends circiling three words of nonviolence they have exprienced, 12 September photo by Subhash.jpg

Sushma, Anju and Mahendra (left to right) figuring out turning points in stories of nonviolence, 12 September, photo by Subhash