Peacebuilding en Las Américas – June 2019

Young Tolupan Women Take AVP Basic Workshop in Honduras

by Nelly DelCid, AVP Honduras Facilitator 

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The municipality of Locomapa maintains a situation of ecological violence against the forests of the Tolupan tribes settled there. Recently in March, two other indigenous leaders were killed. The police have attacked the community when it has taken non-violent actions to stop the exit and entry of the trucks that are taking their trees. After the murder of the last two indigenous leaders, the population is much more cautious in taking action.

In that context we continue working the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP). This time the participants were mostly young women with many limitations to express themselves caused by the tyranny of grief.

Reactions from Participants:

  • I feel motivated because I have learned good things. I will no longer make fun of people or treat them badly. I would like to respect other people and for others to respect me.
  • It helped me change my way of being to not treat other people or my children badly.
  • It helped me to have confidence, be more communicative, be kind and positive, remove pain, and listen to others.
  • The workshop helped me change the way that I treat my husband and my daughter. It helped me trust other people and learn to listen. It also helped me improve my vocabulary.
  • It helped me to control my impulses, to resolve things without violence through Transformed Power.
  • It helped me not to feel ashamed of myself and to be more patient especially with my partner. The games helped me to remove my grief and with Transforming Power, I learned that nobody should humiliate me.

Thank you to…

The workshop was successful due to the help of  Maria and Tania, who already did these workshops and helped by promoting the workshops with women from the three nearby villages: San Francisco Campo; San Francisco Aldea; and Piedra Gorda. They  were also in charge of the kitchen and did the magic so that the food adjusted for the participants and their children. Being able to count on a space is a fundamental part of a workshops success. The generosity of women who gave us the location and the food.