African Great Lakes 

Transforming Communities for Social Change December Report 2020

Small groups always give in-depth conversation on topic of discussion, participants answering the question: “What was the experience like for you to talk about the consequences of trauma?”

The world in general has been affected by violence, natural disasters and different other awful things that happen to people in their lives. Giving examples among the many that exist, COVID-19 pandemic continuing to surge in many countries, Kenya is getting into post Covid-19 pandemic period and new words have been added to the question ‘’when you hear the word trauma what comes to your mind?’’, this include corona, curfew, lockdown, stay at home and quarantine. In this new words many people have committed suicide, some gone into depression because of loss of livelihood, starvation and begging for food, families have separated, early pregnancy among school going children and violence against among women and children are the consequences of the new words. 

The three basic Healing and Rebuilding our Community workshops we have conducted during the month of December has helped to build community capacity to respond to wide-spread trauma and to strengthen resilience during this difficult time of this pandemic.

“I have been stressed for the last eight months, the anxiety and pressure that I have experience since Covid-19 was reported was overwhelming, the virus confronted me with demands that I was not able to face as a woman and widow. When we were starving I remember you brought us food, then later you invited us for a one day listening session and you gave us chance to share our challenges how we can manage our own lives during the pandemic. Today am happy you have trained me on trauma, the training has given me inner strength

HROC will always talk about difficult issues, we always try to create safe space for everyone, because most of the participant may not be knowing each other, most of them come from different places with different experiences, we carefully welcome all emotions from our participants that include fear Guilt, grief, panic, anxiety, irritability, depression and intense anger

“I have developed intense anger and uncertainty of when things will get back to normal, this has been my struggle, intrusive images of how Covid-19 victims were buried in white bags with men in white gears, seeing many people die in other countries, still linger in my mind, am afraid and I hope this training will help me overcome”

“As women of Mt Elgon, we have benefited from all the programs TCSC has offered. These include AVP, HROC Listening session, birth companion, Mediation and women empowerment. You have been very supportive and companion to us, in our struggle you have helped us heal from trauma, we say thank you. Please share our stories with people that have support your programs, wish them happy new year on our behalf”

Sometimes it is easy for women who share the same pain to understand each other, with one of our lead facilitator Hellen, sharing is part of healing a group of women who didn’t what to share in a big circle were given to share amongst “I feel better than the way I came”.

Starting this January, TCSC will be moving to its new office that is located on kakamega -Webuye road, The office will help facilitate administrative responsibility for our organization as requested my Nongovernmental Organization board due to difficulty accessing the Mt. Elgon Peace centre, however the government in currently working on the road infrastructure.