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The Super Power from Your Childhood

By : Faris Flow, Private Documentation from ‘Chaotic Cosmos’

The “Chaotic Cosmos” Flow Faris’ Core Self Drawing

Saturday afternoon 27 February was a perfect moment to be nostalgic about childhood, and draw. An online workshop with Peace Place Pati focused on  ‘Personal Transformation’. After some physical relaxation, we remembered a time in our lives when we felt a sense of our core self and conscience. We drew that feeling.

For me, this search for conscience started in the front yard of a hall beside my grandmother’s house and parents’ shop. I took the word ‘Flow’ Faris as my affirmation name, and chose to use printer ink to actualize the meaning of that word. I kept brushing before the ink could fully absorb into the paper. The result is an image of chaotic cosmos. In the picture, I associate red with ‘adventurer’, blue with ‘imagination’, and yellow with the act of ‘protecting’. I saw my adventurer soul in the burst of red ink swirling around leaving a trail. The blue colour of imagination reminds me of a child magazine, and my bedroom wall that was painted with images of a reef. That’s why this colour is pictured as encompassing everything while also spreading everywhere. Finally, I see every favourite thing in the past in the concentrated yellow. My full intention to protect. 

Conscience enhances talent, personality, knowledge, belief, and intention, until it  becomes a reality for anyone to see. To be a good partner and a resource to others, one needs to work on making one’s personality wholly integrated.

Along with Toa Damai, I and my peers want to tutor our audiences to explore conscience, then develop it in good practice with our community. Our literary sources support this project, such as the mindfulness exercise of drinking tea, the Tao principle of Wu Wei, Sufistic messages, emotional channelling, and recognizing the potency of the will to power a la Zarathustra. Thus, we hope to integrate conscience and good practice with exploring the notions of psychology, existentialism, and the spiritual.

I wrote haiku to celebrate the conscience and the metamorphosis to be a good partner. Haiku is spontaneous, simple, and has a child-like wonder that articulates our experience in the world. Each of these haikus trace a pilgrimage to memories. Welcome conscience, to the here and now!

squirrel on cable
quiet before ringing bells
crossing the school hall

the joy of a child
pedaling bicycle wheel
whisper in the breeze

oh the snake scales
let us reminisce, dear friend!
in the hideout

 a wounded kneecap
a hole in the homeward road
affectionate kiss

 dandelion fields
sayonara, yonara
a sweeping wind

 a cajuput tree
The scent of the memories
Ramadan evening