Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Students and Teachers Train as Alternatives to Violence Project Facilitators in Guatemala

by Lorena Escobar, PAV Guatemala

In early 2020, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Guatemala completed a Facilitator Training with youth and teachers from the Peace Schools (Escuelas de Paz) program in El Pedregal, Amatitlan. The group consisted of six students and four teachers. In total, there were 10 participants (three men and seven women).

I learned to not be nervous when talking and I learned many positive and wonderful things from the people that I talked to. I want to be an AVP facilitator so I can learn new things about other people and so that other people can learn from me too. It is important because in this program, you lose fear and learn to be listened to and actively listen to others. – Blanca

I learned to be a collaborative person and work on a team. I learned to be a person that likes to learn from other people. I want to become a facilitator because I am fully capable of being a Facilitator and listen to other people. A facilitator helps other people learn to listen. – Evelyn

In this training, I learned that just as I have my reasons to live the way that I live, other people have their own ways to do things. I learned that you cannot judge a book by its cover. I want to become an AVP Facilitator because i want to meet people and not judge them due to their attitude. I want to become a Facilitator so I can express myself with other people and so they can understand me. It is important to become a Facilitator so I can focus myself and let things pass, to put our problems aside and not let our anger control our thoughts. – Angel

In this training, I learned that I have to be kind with other people, respectful, and not be mean with other people. I can share with my friends and be collaborative. I also have to let go of things by talking and expressing myself. I cannot be so nervous to share if I want to be an AVP facilitator! It is important to become an AVP Facilitator so I can share my knowledge and become an example that others can follow. I can help others so they don’t feel bad if they are passing through something with their family. – Viviana