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Staying Connected in the Perpetual Practice of Peace

By Petrus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily activities of most people’s lives.

Creating Cultures of Peace online training is one of the choices for the activists in Indonesia to stay connected with each other and strengthen ourselves to realize the aims of our movement to build a culture of peace in Indonesia.

We started on April 18, 2020 to meet on Saturdays once a week for an hour and a half. Each week the session is facilitated by three facilitators and one apprentice.

We plan to cover the AVP Basic Workshop empowerment material in 12 sessions. We have currently completed seven of the 12 sessions. Please write to to request tips for doing AVP online.

The participants were very positive. These are some of their reflections:

“I did not think this exercise could still be carried out during a COVID pandemic crisis like this. For me, this activity made me re-sharpen my desires and goals in this life. With this continual practice, I remember what I really felt when I was first involved in various humanitarian activities. I notice more clearly whether my intentions were correct. I notice the extent to which I could practice amicable and peaceful approaches in my daily life, or not, and the habits that still hamper me in realizing a culture of peace. The answer to that discrepancy will continue to be explored throughout my life. Sometimes I am very tired to do this in the midst of uncertain situations, but I always get strength and confidence knowing that there are many people who are also practicing to live without violence. I feel like I have many friends. I feel more confident about what I’m working on.” ~ Jati Jujur

Integrity needs to be trained for life, and through online training I feel there is a concern to look after one another. I feel there are new insights and experiences that always appear at every meeting and provide totally new insights. Continued reflection and group activities have led me to develop myself. For me creating a culture of peace is a lifelong learning. ~ Rhaka Rineka

I feel grateful to know about this approach, which makes me more grateful for what I have. I also felt that this approach was very influential in my life. Many things have begun to change with me. Indeed this is not something that can be learned immediately, but this must be practiced and practiced continuously. ~ Ajeng Adil

The Big Wind Blow game in online training honed personal honesty, this is something I always practice in the community. At the Islamic Student Association (HMI-UIN Yogyakarta), we learn that gender and sexuality matter. But in this game I try to hone my friends’ understanding about gender and sexuality. It’s very useful for unpacking knowledge at a personal level. ~ Ida Istimewa

CCP Online training provides new challenges. Games and methods developed offline must be adapted to online versions. We still need to adapt to find the most appropriate and effective method for online sessions, especially for virtual games, because sometimes there are technical problems that occur. But it is worth it, fun to try, and one more opportunity to practice.