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Sparkling with Sparklers: Support for Peace Library Program

By Bungsu Ratih

I wrote a letter to Friends Peace Teams asking for help to identify a collection of English-language storybooks for a Peace Library. On 28 June 2020, I got an email saying a group known as the Sparklers, curriculum writers from Friends General Conference, were willing to help. We met on 21 July 2020 on Zoom.

There were twelve people present: Sally Farneth (Sparklers), Susan Hopkins (Sparklers), Kartika Handriani (Peace Library Indonesia), Nadine Hoover (Friends Peace Teams), Bungsu Ratih Puspito Rini (Intern for Peace Library Indonesia), Maida McKenna (Storrs CT, Literacy for Peace and Justice), Anne Collins (Sparklers), Lindsay Shore-Wright (Sparklers), Beth Collea (Quaker Religious Education Collaborative), Erika Mittag (Sparklers), and Petrus (Peace Place Indonesia). They are willing to help collect children’s books in English at every stage of Fountas and Pinnell for every theme in the Creating Regenerative Cultures of Peace and Justice training.

What a Joy! Guidance on a collection of excellent children’s storybooks on the theme of peace and justice that empower children at every reading level was very exciting news for me. We hope that this will not only support children in Indonesia, but we can share the list to support children around the world.

I am increasingly convinced that peace is possible, because in fact peace is already present in everyone. Everyone is good and capable and we always have the opportunity to ask for help and consultation. Thus, we can collaborate with anyone for something good to create a culture of peace and justice. It has been so wonderful to work together without prejudice, open to the goodness and knowledge of everyone.