Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Sowing Seeds of Peace in Colombia

by Patricia Duque, AVP Colombia

With this fourth delivery of PAN/PAV Baskets, we close the first phase of this solidarity project and we open a new phase: SEEDS OF SUSTAINABLE PEACE.

In this fourth phase, 25 families were benefited, among them some that have already started small gardens and who will enter the second phase as beneficiaries for entrepreneurship proposals.

In the second phase, our concern is to support entrepreneurial activities and initiatives, especially gardens, but open to other actions aimed at both food and emotional sustainability.

This project is comprehensive because it links us in different ways and allows us to continue sowing seeds of peace. The online AVP workshops have also started, many facilitators have already participated in the basic one, and several new people have joined.

Thank you to PLA and all the donors who are supporting this project, because through it, we have been able to bring a little hope and joy to many families, we have also contributed to food and emotional sustainability through emotional contact. The creation of community is a beginning to build peace.