Asia West Pacific – August 19, 2018

Sharing with DECOP (Deaf Community Of Pati) and AVP Community of Pati,

By Petrus, Peace Place Pati based on an interview with Dewi

The limitations of hearing experienced by her son, Bilal, did not make Dewi discouraged. Especially after finding her community in Peace Place Pati which has introduced her to AVP (a method for building a life without violence). With her struggle and enthusiasm and husband’s support, currently Dewi is actively involved in Deaf Community of Pati. On August 19, 2018 in Peace Place Pati, Decop run Bisindo training facilitated by Dewi. And learning how to make coffee taught by the Team from Java Legend Pati.

Andhika Aminuddin, who is called Dhika, is the head of the DECOP using sign language, he said “DECOP run this training to provide new experiences and enthusiasm to deaf friends.”

Dewi saw that they need to be heard by hearing people because all this time they are still seen as abnormal and weak people. Therefore Dewi and her husband, Ari, called to convince them that the people around them can accept and acknowledge their existence, and one way is to learn together to develop sign language as a communication tool between deaf and hearing people.

Terms :
Bisindo ( Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia) = Indonesian Sign Language
DECOP = Deaf Community of Pati

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