Asia West Pacific – October 2018

Serving Students with Special Needs at Joglo

Of the twenty-two children aged 3- to 6-years-old that attend Joglo Preschool, there are eight kids who have special needs. Of these eight, six students have speech delays.

One of them is six-years-old. He spoke with one word sentences and his vocals are not very clear. He likes to shout. But if he’s invited to talk, he straight away get busy himself. It is still difficult for him to join friends in a circle. He is very interested in singing and dancing.

Another child experiences speech delays due to complications in birth. It is difficult to swallow food, especially before the age of two, so the body is physically small.

Another child was diagnosed with autism. He’s easily disturbed and irritable when he feels uncomfortable or when he sees a playmate doing something against his wishes.

Another child is 6.5-years-old and often takes actions that endangers his playmate. He wants to hug friends too hard and does not realize the impact on others. When invited to talk about the problem, he casually says “it was an accident”. He is very interested in learning about animals and knows the names of animals, their types, characteristics, food and habitats. When we learn about animals, Joglo’s teachers asked him to tell the class information and tell stories to his friends.

The Joglo Preschool Team decided to share knowledge with each other in a series of mini-AVP style meetings with teachers. Teachers want help in understanding themselves, how to get to know each other, how to understand children’s development, and how they can act to assist students. Two meetings with different themes were held on September 14 and October 19, 2018, namely “Attention Difficulties Disorders” and “Every Child is Good and Capable.”

Attention Difficulties Disorders
September 14, 2018. 10:00 – 12:10 (130 minutes)
  • Welcome
  • Silence
  • Opening: Names and one thing I liked when I was child was…….
  • Agenda Preview
  • Sharing Knowledge: Attention Difficulties Disorders
  • Role Play
  • Reflection
  • Light and Lively : Elephants, Birds and Palm Trees
  • Remember
  • Closing: Singing “Sayonara” Song
Every Child is Good and Capable
September 14, 2018 10:00 – 12:10 (130 minutes)
  • Welcome
  • Silence.
  • Opening: Names and One thing I did from last Parenting.
  • Agenda Preview.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Every Child is Good and Capable
  • Concentric Circle + Footing
    • One day I saw my child doing well, and I didn’t expect it was…
    • One thing I learned from my child is…
    • What promise can I make to myself, so that I am able be more calm in assisting my child…
  • Reflection
  • Light and Lively : Animal Cart
  • Remembering
  • Closing : One good word