Asia West Pacific – February 2019

Committed to Seeking Truth and Living by It: Reflections on 2019 International Peace Training 

by Shanaine Daan, participant in 2019 International Peace Training: Creating Cultures of Peace, Philippines

Life is chaotic in nature. After eight days of practicing transforming power and training myself to be consistent in my desired commitments, I am bringing the thought of believing that life is a struggle, but then I found out that the biggest victory is the chance to keep struggling! Indeed, the circumstances in life aren’t just the daily struggle to overcome, but the beautiful struggle to carry through after surpassing difficulties, pains and hardships, after working so hard and still aiming for a peaceful life.

Through the gifts of transforming power, I witnessed my own transformation during the Peace International Training in Pati, Central Java Indonesia at Peace Place. A transformation that cannot be exchanged with any luxurious things in this world because it was very experiential, inspiring and a life changing encounter. I met so many different people who brought their individual baggage of varied perspectives on how peace works in their daily lives and how barriers of inequalities, injustices and prejudices become a hindrance and a struggle for working towards peace.

Furthermore, we proudly wear our unique skin colors and sincerely aim to uncover our true selves. I deeply felt how my brothers and sisters coming from different countries helped me a lot during the process of discovering, reconnecting and in reflecting from the various activities that slowly and secretly changed my views after completely listening to the dramatic experiences of one another.

I wish to express my gratitude to Friends Peace Teams, most especially the facilitators, for becoming an instrument and a model of peace. It impacted me to start living out a peaceful life within myself and radiate this to my family and the community by focusing on the present moment and living by example a genuine service of peace.

As a proud member of the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP), deeply rooted in the Catholic Worker movement, I will put my words into actions. It may take a long process but I can assure you that I will work to make my realizations visible in my community engagements. I will use my newfound transformative powers and be the voice to those who are voiceless in solving conflicts nonviolently.

I, Sincere Shanaine, am committed to seeking truth and to living by it.