African Great Lakes 

Scholarships for Children’s Peace Libraries in Rwanda

by David Bucura, AGLI Coordinator 


Carine Uwineza is young girl and the only member of her family. Both her parents have passed away and she is an orphan. Carine is studying in Senior 2 at G.S Kicukiro. She lives in Kicukiro district, Niboyi sector. A brief list of some of Carine’s challenges includes finding money for school fees, school supplies, food, and hospital costs. Uwineza has dreams of being an engineer if she finds a way to  continue to afford school fees for and other basic needs in her daily life.

Erneste KadoyImana

Erneste KadoyImana is young boy. He was born to a family of three children: two daughters and one boy. He lives in the Northern Province of Rwanda in Gicumbi district in Byumba sector. Erneste is currently studying in Primary 3. Erneste lived in bad condition for lack of money to pay for school or even for food to eat.  His parents aren’t able afford school fees and their children’s basic needs. His parent are poor and vulnerable.  Erneste says: “If I get an opportunity that helps me to continue my studies it will help me to reach my dreams of being a musician and learning to drive.”


MARIAM NISINGIZWE is young girl born on August 5, 2002. Mariam lives in Gicumbi district, Byumba sector. She is studying in Senior 2. Mariam has three siblings and both parents are very poor and vulnerable. “My life is not good because of the poverty in our family, which is due to my father’s disability. His disability is caused by a chronic stomach condition from which he is suffering. This has made it difficult to pay school fees and supplies I need for school as well as have food to eat. If I could continue to have the opportunity to pay my school fees and basic needs, it will help me accomplish my dream of being a translator.”


NATETE GISELE is young girl; she lives in Huye district in Tumba sector. Gisele is one of six children, two Girls and four boys. Gisele is studying Mathematics, Economics and Computer science (MEC) in Senior 6. Her parents are both dead. Now Gisele has a problem being able to study when she has lack of money for paying school fees and buying basic things she needs to use at school because both of parents have died. “I have a destiny; if I could  continue getting a chance to find  school fees, I will be able to reach my dreams of being a specialist in computer science,” Gisele says.


NIRERE CLEMENTINE is young girl who lives in Gicumbi district in Byumba sector. She is studying in Senior 4 LEG. She is one of four children. “I am the second child in my family. My father died and nowadays I have a problem with a lack money to pay school fees and  school supplies. It’s caused me to be in bad condition for studying. If I get a chance for a scholarship I will accomplish my dreams of being a teacher because I would like that.”


SAFINA is a young girl who lives with her parents and two siblings. She was born on the 15th September, 2005, and lives in Gicumbi district in Byumba sector. She is studying in Senior 2 in secondary school. “I was born in a poor family where my parents lack money to help me study. Now my studies are suffering because of the my family’s financial challenges. If I get money to pay my school fees I will achieve my dream of being an electrical engineer.”


LILIAN MBABAZI is a young girl. “I am one of three children and the youngest in my family,” she says. She is 16 years old and studying in Senior 2 at G.S Gatenga. She lives in Kicukiro district in Gatenga sector. She can’t afford school fees or school materials because she has her mother only. If she gets the chance for a scholarship Lilian would be able to follow her dreams of being doctor in Medicine.