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Rosalie Karerwa’s Testimony: Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC) Burundi

Karerwa Rosalie ( woman wearing Green Gitegnge)

I’m a Buterere Peace and Democracy Group (PDG) member and a Healing companion for Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC). During our activities of accompanying traumatized people within our communities, I did a great thing with my little sister who didn’t find any happiness before. I saw her always crying about her husband. She asked me why her husband was mistreating her. I explained to her that she needs to find out if her husband is the one without good faith or if she is the author of what was happening. I showed to her how trauma affects the person doing bad things. In addition, I showed her the causes and consequences of trauma and how to heal from it. After some days, she asked me where I learned what I shared with her. Then, she shared with me a testimony on how she finds herself the author of all the bad things happening in her family. Today, she is living in a positive ambience with her husband and with the whole family after changing all her bad behavior she was expressing without knowing them because the Trauma she was living inside her. 

Learn more about IBP/HROC’s collaboration with Buterere Peace and Democracy Group (PDG). They conducted peace dialogues in Buterere zone following the 2015 elections crisis in Bujumbura. These peace dialogues aimed at improving collaboration between locally elected Quarter Heads from the ruling party and opposition on one hand and the another hand the peaceful coexistence of political parties opposed to the 3rd term of the president.