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Reflections from the 7th International Cultures of Peace Training

by Kuruho Wereta, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Kia ora

I write this feedback with a smile on my face, because as I reflect back I’m reminded of the people I met and the warmth that was given to us by the keepers of the home fires.

My biggest highlights from the workshop were when we were given the opportunity to interact with the children from the local schools. Seeing the excitement on their faces was enough to bring joy to me for a lifetime.

What stood out to me the most was how important it was to find commonality within a community. So in order to create a culture of peace we must first clear the constraints that we impose upon ourselves. It was great to see how this can be done through games and play.

What I found challenging when I got home was having this self-imposed reform that I put on myself, where I feel like I need to return back to work and there is too much to do, and no one has the time to listen.

But using games is a tool, I have found really helpful in my work environment, but also in my other communities.