African Great Lakes  

Rape Survivors’ Support (RSS) in Burundi

by Friends Women’s Association

A three-day trauma healing workshop was done on for on Gender Based Violence Victims. At the end of June 2019, 47 self-help groups for a total of 1105 women were functioning.

Two self-help groups shared what they were able to save for one whole year: Mugisha  and Ntusigarinyuma. Ntusigarinyuma started on June 19, 2018. They had now a capital of BIF2,952,000.  Mugisha group started on June 28, 2018. The day they shared their savings they had a capital of BIF 5,524,700. This group is doing very well because they are among the Street Business School recent graduates.


My name is Chantal. In our family, we are three sisters and one brother. When I grew up, I got married. However, after I had my first born, my husband left me and married another wife. I have been struggling a lot in order to survive with my kid. I could not go back to my family because my two sisters and brother refused to receive me with my kid. Then, I went to live together with my grandmother. Unfortunately, she died. As I was suffering a lot, my neighbors and friends advised me to run a small business. I had an uncle who loved me so much, and he gave me a capital to start with. Now, I am selling tomatoes, fruits and other small things. This workshop has helped me to understand the great importance to find someone you trust and tell him/her your sad story.