Asia West Pacific – August 2018  

Tondomulyo: Practice Listening, Speaking and Acting Politely

Maratun Shalikhah often called Mar’ah is supporting children at the Miftahul Huda Tondomulyo Foundation. She is one of the people financed by the FPT studying at the Early Childhood Education Department (PAUD). To be able to go to college she struggled to take the high school equality exam, because she graduated from junior high school, and then studied religion at the Pondok Pesantren.

Currently Mar’ah is in the third semester of ninth semesters planned to complete her studies in Bachelor of PAUD. At school she practices practicing good habits, such as getting used to eating by sitting, acting and speaking politely. These are done because people around them are used to talking with bad words.

There is an interesting story from Sriatun and Ngamini. Both are parents of children. Sriatun, Syifa’s mother told Mar’ah about her child. At the house Syifa saw her mother was drinking while standing. Syifa immediately said “Mother drinks, but doesn’t sit, said the teacher if you drank had to sit”. Sriatun immediately said “Sorry Momy forget”. Then Sriatun sat down.

Ngamini, Naufal’s mother also said that there had been many changes in Naufal attitudes. Naufal used to be very active, like beating people, bad conversation and not caring. But now he is better. He is willing to hear when there were teachers and friends talking, and also rarely said bad words. Ngamini is very happy with her son’s change.

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Mar’ah with Naufal and Syifa, Tondomulyo, July 2018. Photographer : Mar’ah