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A Power of Goodness Event with Students from Patani, Thailand

Five seniors at the Prince Songkhla University in Patani, Thailand, were in Kuala Lumpur to intern with North South Initiative Malaysia. Patani borders Malaysia and Thailand and faces extreme violence

Kins and Melanie facilitated a Power of Goodness event in Patani with these five students. Their reflections on how to work together for peace were very close to the road map and approaches for peace that we recognize.

The cooperative agreement was striking to them. How do we focus on our own experience only? How can we truly learn if we don’t look at another? At all times, can we truly exercise our right to pass?  Slowly the agreements were curiously unpacked, and they appreciated how people can live peacefully when we openly discuss and agree to public rules and agreements.

The story was read in Malay and in Thai, and the workshop instructions were trilingual.  When it was Kins’ turn to give instructions, Melanie translated to Malay, and Fadear translated it to Thai. Because of this, each participant was able to express themselves in their own language. Reflections from participants (translated from Thai) were:

Wildan: At this workshop, I could feel sincerity from everyone. It was like we opened our minds and told each other what was in our minds in a positive way. This gave me self-esteem, I saw my own and others’ value. I learned how to live in society peacefully by understanding the world  and understanding human nature. Every human being can feel pain, happiness, sadness, but I learned how to let it go because it is normal that everyone has feelings. To let it go can make us happy and allow us to live with others with understanding.

Fateehah: I feel happy and lucky to be part of this workshop. I learned a lot of valuable things in such a short time. One of the things is that I understand myself better. I realized peace, a little thing that I had taken for granted before. This workshop gave me power, both physically and mentally. I will apply it for my everyday life and will think in a much more positive way.

Aminah: The first thing I got from this workshop was friendship, which helps everyone feel familiar to one another. I feel happy to participate in this workshop. We can share our thoughts and understand others, including Kins and Melani. The activity I like the most was Being With Myself when we practiced stopping. It allowed me to realize I’m alive and understand how to let go. Affirmation in Pairs was another activity I liked because it helped me understand others by listening and not judging, I have to thank you so much Kins and Melani.

Fadear: This workshop gave me lots of lessons that I can’t find anywhere.  It taught me to see and accept every good thing about people and also to reflect on: What I am looking for? What do I need, really? Who I am, exactly?

Today I got a lot of life’s lesson in peaceful ways. I hope it helps me adapt to living in a big, big world in the vast future. We all have to be alive, to stay happy, in our goodness and peace.

The activity on care for self, made me know what I truly want in life and also pushed me to build my own wall to protect from negativities and bad things.

Zaltomi: I am impressed by this activity because it made me feel valuable, and understand myself and others better. I learned about peace, which we can easily start with ourselves. This workshop gave me the confidence to talk. I can now be a better part of building peace and taking care of the environment. Thank you Kins and Melani.