Peacebuilding en Las Américas – September 17, 2015

PLA shifts leadership, but continues witness work in Latin America

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) Initiative Coordinator, Val Liveoak, has guided the program Peacebuilding en las Americas (PLA) since its inception in 2002. She was the Administrative Coordinator of FPT from 1996 to 2002 and co-founded FPT in 1993. We are immensely grateful for her faithful leadership and service.

Val shares a smile with Aida, an AVP facilitator in Honduras during a visit this month.
Val (right) shares a smile with Aida, an AVP facilitator in Honduras, during a recent visit.

This December, she is shifting her role away from Initiative Coordinator for PLA, which includes financial and administrative duties, to focus on facilitating workshops and mentoring facilitators. She will also continue fundraising for the programs in Latin America.

With the support of Friends Peace Teams, PLA is in the process of deciding how it will transition into this new phase and expects that this will include raising funds for a paid position to replace Val’s volunteer work as Initiative Coordinator. We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating all of the good that Val has done, and will continue to do in her new role, through PLA in Latin America.

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