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Personal Transformation Training at Peace Place

February 22-23, 2020

~ by Petrus, Peace Place Pati, Indonesia

Behind Fani, Erni, Dewi, Esti, Petrus. The front Tika, Raytih, Ninok, Dwi, Nanik. – Wiwit photos

Eleven participants attended personal transformation training at Peace Place on 22-23 February 2020. Three participants were new to AVP and the remaining eight took the opportunity to improve their skills in creating a culture of peace and to practice as a team. Five team members, Petrus, Nanik, Ratih, Wiwit and Dewi, facilitated the training.

 Vani Variatif says all people have goodness. It’s much easier to create a culture of peace when I forgive myself, and am at peace with myself. I used to think there was always an inherent, unexpressed, alterior motive behind someone’s goodness. Now I realize that I must get rid of such thoughts.

Dwi Damai says the training was great fun. It trained and taught about goodness and how to develop habits of making peace with oneself towards realizing a culture of peace in one’s life. I feel more confident and competent after the training. 

Dewi Dewasa is Bilal’s mother. Bilal has hearing and speech difficulties. This drew her close to other women in Pati who have children with similar conditions. Together, they established a Deaf Community in Pati (DECOP). During personal transformation training, she apprenticed on the facilitation team. While reflecting on her affirmation name, she thought about sharing affirmation names with her DECOP group. So after the first training day, she did the activity by writing her son’s name, “Bilal,” then a list of positive adjectives that start with the letter “B.” She explained to Bilal what the adjectives meant by giving examples, then she asked him to chose one. Bilal repeated it by mentioning his name followed by his adjective using sign language. Bilal is eight years and nine months old. He was so delighted.

 Wiwit Wicaksono is just completing a B.A. in psychology, and was also an apprentice facilitator. He presented the AVP Approach, Cooperative Agreements, the Light and Livelies “Here I Stand,” Transforming Power and the closing. Apprenticing was an excellent experience for him. As facilitator, he thoroughly appreciated the significance of each activity. It changed his life. He used to be nervous and lose concentration when speaking in front of people. During training, he learned to speak succinctly and clearly, and to gain needed self-confidence and composure. He appreciates this amazing opportunity given to him.