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Recognizing Peace Within You: A Personal Transformation Journey

By Natasha Kuswanto, aka Tata Tenang or Calm Tata, participant of Personal Transformation online workshop

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Within my journey of understanding and participating in the online training with Peace Place in Pati, I began my personal transformation that I had never noticed before. Through stopping at the beginning of each session, I started to understand that leaving your routines and thoughts for a moment is a good thing sometimes and can improve your consciousness towards your surroundings afterwards.

When I dedicated myself to this training, I noticed people tend to spot bad things easier than good things. I often see more clearly the negative sides of myself, others, or even circumstances than the positive sides. To overcome this, Peace Place Pati through its Personal Transformation Workshop helped us to be more aware of conscience through our own drawings. Participants were trained to see and bring up the positive images within ourselves and others. I think through this, we are able to minimise persecution in both our minds and community.

Identity, often used as an excuse for conflicts, became a tool of peace cultures through sharing about our identity. Throughout this training, we were exposed to diverse identities and learned how to understand them. I feel that these experiences can generate a sense of community among each participant, so we can appreciate the presence of each other.

For me, facing the trauma in our past is the most challenging session in this workshop. I often feel stuck in my trauma and have no power to overcome it. The presence of fellow participants as good companions made my healing process much easier. On the other hand, in my journey to learn to be a good companion it was very memorable to learn that not every story requires feedback or a reply. For now, I still need to practice within myself. The Mandala also acts as a reminder and reflection for myself.

The Personal Transformation Workshop strengthened my belief that we can build peace cultures starting with transforming ourselves. I also began to believe that each problem has its own solution and can be resolved without any form of violence. Starting from this workshop, I hope to heal myself and share peace culture with my surrounding community.

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