African Great Lakes 

Children’s Libraries Peer Mediation Training

 Facilitator Alphonse and Console show participants the practice of mediation

A few years ago, TLC conducted training in this school. Some students were trained in peer mediation and they created peace clubs. This year, however, many of these students went to secondary school. After the school reopened, the leaders of the school realized that they have too few students in peace clubs and conflict is still there.  This is why we conducted this training because it was needed in this school. 

With support from TLC, local authorities of this sector attended the training. During his speech to open the training, the leader of Kirerema primary school said, “we thank TLC so much for their help in building peace in this school. Each year we receive peer mediation training at this school. More than 200 students have been trained, even if they did not go to this school… we see the harvest of seeds you planted.” 

On January 15th, the first day of training, the government set the new measures of COVID-19, and we thought the training had to stop. We were so happy to hear the local authorities and school leaders allowed us to continue our training while respecting the measures of COVID-19.

“My name is UWIDUHAYE Angelique and I am a student at Kirerema primary school. I study in p5. I want to thank my leader at school who allowed me to attend this training. I have learned more about how I can live in peace with others, how I can respect others, and how I can change my characteristics in a way to not be the conductor of conflict. I learned new skills and techniques of how I will help my peers to resolve their conflicts. I am going to help children by teaching them the values and the culture of peace in our society.” 

My name is TUYIRINGIRE Obed and I am a student in P6 in Kirerema primary school. This training helped me to change my behavior such as fighting with others. After this training I decided to change this, and try to adopt good characteristics which can bring peace to my peers. Also, I am going to help others by telling them about conflicts and how we can fight against them, I will explain to my peers about anger and characteristics of someone with anger so that they will know how they must go away from him/her. I will teach them how we must ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes. This will help us to grow up with the culture of peace.  

My name is BIGIRIMANA Abuba and I am a student in p4. I learned a lot of things in this training, including the meaning of conflict and new ways to resolve conflict. I enjoyed being a mediator and I am going to help teachers if there are conflicts at school. I also think that helping children resolve their conflicts will be a good way to teach them sustainable peace.