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Peace Place is a Comfortable, Open Area to Support Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Petrus

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things in community activities. Government campaigns to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus include not doing many activities outside the home. As a result, schools are closed and students are studying online from home. The impact on the economy, especially job security and stagnant income, has made it difficult for some parents of Joglo Preschool to complete the educational expenses they have previously been able to support. In fact, the difficulty increases when the parents also have to accompany children’s activities at home.

During the Covid-19 epidemic period in March 2020, the government appealed for face-to-face activities at the Joglo to be eliminated, but in early April 2020, Joglo began opening school activities using the Covid-19 health protocol. Every day there are two groups, each for 1.5 hours consisting of 4-6 children according to developmental stages. The application of Permaculture principles in the Joglo environment is very helpful for children’s comfort in doing activities. The setting of a building and study room with adequate ventilation and an open space supports the learning method with the application of the Covid-19 protocol. Children come wearing masks, wash their own hands in the place that has been prepared, then put their sandals, bags and supplies in their proper places. These have become routine activities for the children.

One day, Bidara, 6 years old, reprimanded an adult who was not wearing a mask and entered the school. Bidara asked, “Why you don’t wear a mask?” It turns out that Bidara understood the importance of using masks in this pandemic situation. Reminding each other that washing hands, keeping a distance and wearing masks was done by the children themselves.

Kaka, 6 years old, always comes to the washing place. Kaka likes to wash his hands while playing with bubble soap. Washing hands had become a habit for all children at Joglo before the Covid-19 epidemic, so the children do not feel strange when the government campaigns for handwashing in the community.