Friends Peace Teams – February 2019 

Announcing the Peace Ministries Committee

Do you want to learn how to make peace in your home and community? We highly recommend you seek out an Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop ( and AVP.International). Friends Peace Teams’ work around the world builds on this important contribution to peace in action.

Friends Peace Teams encourages any Friend with a concern for peace to join our Peace Ministries Committee. We are available to consult with people called to peace ministry or witness–to listen, offer feedback and support as appropriate. We share our learning about how to create cultures of peace and stories of peace witness and work from around the world.

We have taken the Power of Goodness story collection under our care, preserving 70 years of Quaker attention to stories of peace, nonviolence and reconciliation. We also have developed Quaker Religious Education Curriculum based on an Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) mini-workshop approach focused on specific themes and stories. We invite people to submit stories, translate stories or offer to edit and proofread stories.

Please feel free to reach out to us at