Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Families in Marinilla, Antioquia, Colombia Benefit from Peace Baskets PAN/PAV

by Patricia Duque, AVP Colombia

I am Persistent Patry, first of all I want to really thank Peacebuilding en Las Américas – Friends Peace Teams,  and especially Initiative Coordinator Monica Maher, who has been extremely diligent in her work and for all the support she gives us continuously to work for Peace in Latin America. This PAN/PAV Peace Baskets project has been a valuable opportunity for us to get closer to the reality that our people are living. People are affected by the different pandemics here including violence, Covid, displacement, unemployment, among others. As AVPers (PAVISTAS), we approach this reality with sensitivity and solidarity while being bridges to make it possible for the material bread and the bread of the word to be signs and instruments of hope.

Several displaced and refugee families have benefited from this project, the expressions of gratitude and joy they expressed upon receiving the baskets were very diverse. Some even had gestures of surprise and solidarity by sharing part of their basket with other people as well.

These families benefited from having small children and / or elderly and sick people.

We hope there can be a second round to help families from other sectors, which are also vulnerable and needy in every way.

May God repay you and multiply your goodness and generosity.

is a 54-year-old Venezuelan woman who lives in a village very far from other people. She walks almost two hours every day to get to town and be able to get some food to bring back home to her house. She lives with her son who works in construction and in these times of the pandemic makes just enough to pay the rent. He has three children who live in the same house; two of them are young children. It was impactful to see the happiness in one of the children when he saw the food coming en the Peace Basket.

is a 68-year-old single woman who takes care of her 94-year-old mother who is bed-ridden. Margarita also takes care of her 70-year-old sister who suffers form attacks. They were extremely thankful for this help to their family because the pandemic does not allow them to go out to look for the daily support. They have seen in this gesture the providence of God that manifests through generous people.

Is a father who is from Venezuela and has lived in Colombia for four years with his wife, children, grandchildren, and daughter-in-law. He works in construction to pay the rent. With the confinement, it has been three months since he had a job. They are kicking his family out of the apartment for not having paid the rent, and they live with many anguishes and difficulties to get the daily food for their family. 11 people live in their house between adults and children. Tears came to him and his wife upon receiving the Peace Basket.