Peacebuilding en Las Américas 

The Peacebuilding en las Américas (PLA) Peace Baskets Project (PAN PAV) is successfully underway in all five countries where PLA works: Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador. The project was designed and proposed by national partners to address the multiple pandemics they are facing. Covid 19 is accompanied by what partners call a hunger-violence pandemic. Violence has increased not only in the domestic sphere but also in the public sphere as States implement increasingly militarized approaches to the public health crises. There is hunger for food, for peace, for hope. The Peace Baskets aims to fill these hungers, offering a light in the midst of many shadows.

Video translation in English:

“Hello. What a pleasure to greet you. My name is Marvelous Magda. I’m part of the team of facilitators from AVP Guatemala. I live in San Antonio de Aguascalientes, Sacatepéquez State. I’m married to Lionel Pérez and we have a daughter named Melanie. She’s now two years old. I wanted to tell you that our pandemic experience is rather trying inasmuch as it has led to unemployment in my country though my husband has managed to keep his job in a fast-food restaurant in Antigua City. But, well, they’ve let his fellow workers go and it’s obliged him to work more hours, but despite that our earnings have dwindled considerably. Despite that, it’s a blessing, for us to be able to rely on that salary which now supports my daughter, my husband and me.

In my case, I am unable to help financially because although we townswomen are skilled producers of textile products which we market in various states in the country, commuting is now, unfortunately, prohibited. In addition, with the economy as weak as it is, people do not have funds to purchase the gowns and all the textile products we make, which means I can’t make a living. And now we can’t rely on the Antigua, Guatemala Market, where we used to sell crafts, since the tourist industry in the city is non-existent at present. Moreover, public transportation is not in service and in order to be able to travel to the city, about a half hour from here, we have to pay private drivers or taxis, that charge much higher-than-public-transportation rates. As a result, we travel less with higher expenses and are unable to make any money.

That’s why, I want to thank AVP Guatemala for the help it’s offering us, and for thinking of us; and of course I want to thank the Peace Baskets PAV/PAN Project as well, Delia and all the donors that have made it possible for us to receive this financial help so as to be able to buy food and keep us from running short at home. Thank you for helping us even without knowing us, for giving us hope, as well as joy, and for motivating us to go on fighting because life goes on and we need to find a new way forward. So, a ton of thanks, and may God bless you and may God give you back in spades that which you lavish, with so much affection, on us facilitators who in need of so much, today.”

PLA is now receiving contributions for the Peace Baskets Project – PAN PAV. Our immediate goal is to raise $5,000. All donations welcome.

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