Asia West Pacific – October 2018

Peace Education for Parents of Joglo Preschool at Pati, Central Java

by Petrus and Nanik

Joglo Preschool at Peace Place in Central Java currently serves 22 children. Of the 22 Joglo children aged 3- to 6-years-old, there are eight kids who have special needs. Six of these students have speech delays. One of the struggles faced by the Joglo teachers in assisting kids is the limited time that parents have to learn and practice peace and nonviolence tools. It is challenging for parents to attend the 18 consecutive hours of an AVP Basic Workshop. This limitation has meant that only four parents have attended the Basic AVP training. Eighteen families of the 22 children have not taken the course this year. Parents who have not done the AVP training often say that their children have difficulty in learning and show a lack of care and focus.

Bidara’s mother

“Before going to school in Joglo, when my child played all the toys would be scattered around. They were so messy and tired of cleaning up, so there would always be anger. Then I saw the Joglo approach of how to classify items and label them. Now at home I classify and label the toy boxes. So that after my child plays, they can see where to put the toys back in their place, and it’s easier because they know the place.”

Ahreni Putri
Arfa’s mother

“When I met parents whose children ‘had special needs’ they complained and felt burden, then I met parents whose children were ‘perfectly natural’ they also complained and said they felt also burden. I wondered what caused this. In this meeting I was made aware of the statement ‘Every Child is Good and Capable.’ I was very moved and wanted to cry. When I was directed to focus on seeing the goodness in my child, it turned out that I found a lot of goodness, and they were able to do many things. Therefore, from now on I will continue to look for the good in my child until they grow up, and I would share this story with the parents I met.”

Faristina Delianti
Aisah’s mother

“I practiced talking briefly to children and making sure they knew. When I asked for help and the child did not understand the point, I came to him and showed him how. I was very happy with the Concentric Circle Activity. It was indeed necessary to share experiences with friends. Sharing gave us a lot of relief. It turned out that many parents have the same problem as I do, namely when our children do not get up early, do not eat immediately, do not take a bath immediately, or are late to school. My first and second child went to school in Joglo Preschool. When my first child went to school in elementary school, I felt there was no community of friends to share. When I talked about my child, they talked about something else and didn’t show any interest in discussing our children. So I was happy with Joglo friends who wanted to hear and share experiences. We find ideas together and often our problem seems to not be so difficult.”

Eny Widiastuti
Rayang’s mother

“When I met with friends in Joglo, I felt that I was not alone in facing my problem. I have an inconsistent family. If my child named Rayang has done good, they considered it natural and do not respond, so that Rayang is unappreciated. For me Rayang taught me to be consistent and learn to be better. I can’t promise much for how to assist my child, but certainly I will practice what I have learned.”