Asia West Pacific – March 14, 2019  

Introduction to Our Meeting for “Creating of Peace Culture”

by Jungjoo, Gangjeong Village Korea

I am friends with Nadine, Nanik, Petrus, Subash, Kins and others whom I have met through Friends Peace Team. Luckily I had several chances to work with Nadine to do workshops with peace educators, teachers and activists in Korea.

The more I met people striving for a better society, the more I came to long for something tangible and clear to help them. And I saw the simple tools Nadine introduced really working in many settings, so I wanted to practice them more with my friends.

They were also interested in the ideas and practices in Nadine’s book and agreed to meet regularly to read it together. We just started our online meeting. We plan to meet every other Wednesday night for two hours from March until October, 2019.

The participants are educators and activists in different regions of Korea who are curious about how to apply what they learn from book into their settings. It is really exciting and we are grateful for this meeting. Nadine joined us for our first meeting and encouraged us to find one or more local companions to practice with while we meet to read and translate the book. We look forward to sharing our experience and learnings with you over our eight month journey together.