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Malaysia: Stories of Transformation

By Melanie Siaw

Top row (from left to right) Jessica, Melanie and Eta; Middle row (from left to right) Aisha, Vicky and Danial; Bottow row (from left to right) Joy and Komathi;   Screenshot taken by Melanie.

“An unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates.

We can go through the motions in life almost in a daze. Without self reflection, we cannot make sense of what we are doing and why we are doing what we do. Our interactions with nature, animals and human persons provide valuable insights to guide us to live a life led by love and conscience. If we do not stop and listen deep within, we will never be aware of those insights and the consequences of the everyday decisions that we make on ourselves and others. Our insights help in our discernment to move along a path filled with peace, joy and confidence as we continue to navigate through the complexity of different relationships and experiences in our lives.

Since the online empowerment workshops in 2020 and 2021, participants continued their journey to practice the workshop tools and support one another in companion groups. They meet online every 3 weeks to use the time needed for themselves. They would sit silently, discharge their emotions or speak about their reflections and experiences on transforming power in their daily lives.

Read on for their reflections on the transformation in their lives over the past few months.

“Joining AVP workshop has been a blessing for me. It has helped me to grow as a better human being. It has given me back the confidence I need to face life. I am more calm inwardly as well as when I am interacting with others. Practicing stopping whenever I need helps me to take a breather and reorganise my mind consciously. Transforming power has enabled me to be a better mother to my kids as well. Thank you to the fabulous facilitators for the awesome guidance and practice of peace tools.” Komathi

“Going through the session with AVP Malaysia and learning about transforming power has brought positive changes in how I see the world around me. I tend to stop and listen more in my daily conversations and meetings instead of taking the initiative to talk. I started embracing silences as these are the times in which I can let my mind flow into nothingness and be at peace with myself. Unwittingly, transforming power has directed my energy to things that matter and allow better harmony for all human interactions.” Muhammad Danial

“I am a person who has heightened emotions and my awareness towards my emotions or the emotions of others is also heightened. Thus, life can sometimes be very overwhelming for me. I feel so many emotions and it is tiring to constantly try to handle these emotions and still function socially. Through practicing peace tools in my life, I am able to find a sense of calmness that was previously very difficult to feel, even amidst the everyday turbulence especially of late, due to the pandemic. I am grateful for a group of friends that I can journey with, who are my good companions when I need the attention, usually to identify and acknowledge the distresses I feel in life, as well as to notice inspirations and blessings too. I am able to discharge my emotions when I feel too overwhelmed, and ‘stopping’ to take a breather when life is too suffocating. But most importantly, I am introduced to my core self and to learn how to anchor to my core self, and experience transforming power, through making decisions that bring about peace. As a teacher and a mother, I am so thankful to AVP Malaysia for this experience, and for sharing the peace tools with my friends and me. When being with children, a life with transforming power will help the little ones to have a more wholesome journey too; to model peace, to embrace them for their strengths and limitations, to let them experience more happiness and joy.” Vicky

“After joining AVP sessions for more than 4 months, I have changed to be more aware of getting in touch with my core self and to respect my need to discharge emotionally and truthfully with a good companion. I am practicing to be a good companion by listening attentively, giving my time and empathetic ear to others too. Doing a 10-minute ‘stopping’ is essential to let go of any negative thoughts and to be at peace with myself and all creation around me.” Eta