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The Simplicity of Making Peace with the Natural World: We Need Your Help!

It turns out that making peace with the natural world requires small simple changes in our habits. Routinely going outdoors develops a whole new world of learning opportunities and places. The teachers and the students really enjoy the new outdoors learning centers. With the shaded areas, it’s not so hot. With more space, the children are much calmer. The children can move, talk, and play more outside without disturbing others. They say, “Playing outside is so much fun! It’s bigger, greener and fresher.” It allows them to explore and challenge their ideas and their skills. The children look forward to it very much.

To make permanent outdoor learning centers and enough room for the school and training to both operate, we need US$15,500 in 2019! We can’t do it without you. Please consider donating now to Friends Peace Teams, memo AWP/Peace Place. Please ask your family, friends, meetings or other groups to consider donating today.

We need $2,000 immediately to repair and prevent termite damage and build a parking and parent waiting area. In September, we need US$5,000 to ventilate the school to reduce the heat, install solar panels, and create a transition room for the young and disabled children. In October-November, we need US$6,000 to build a training center so we don’t have to close the school during training and can protect the books and materials, and we need US$2,500 in January for gardens, playground, water tanks and filters to complete the children’s play zones.