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Publishing “Book of Me” by Children in Joglo Preschool 

By Bungsu Ratih

From 8 September through 6 November 2019, Joglo Preschool ran our second theme of the school-year, “About Me”. Through this theme, children explored information about themselves. The exhibition project was for each child to make a book called “The Book of Me.”

I never imagined that preschool children could make a book! How can children make books when they are just learning to writing? But we never know until we try, right?

We planned the steps of making books with children. First, we looked at the parts of a book: the cover, inside cover, table of contents, chapters and back cover. Then we arranged the chapters: My Birth, People Who Care for Me, My Home and My Family, My Daily Schedule, My Favorites, and When I Get Big. Last, we assigned one chapter to each of six weeks. The children made pages every week according to the chapter.

Every day we play, read books, discuss and find out information about ourselves, and the children made their own pages. In the end, they collected the pages into six chapters. Then we published the books and held a book fair the last week of the theme. During the process they could add pictures, captions or stories to their pages whenever they wanted: before school, after school, or during free time.

The results were beyond my wildest imagination! They created beautiful books. Pride shown bright in their eyes when their book was finished. They were so happy to “read” each page of their book to anyone who wanted to hear. Beauty is born from honesty and purity of heart. I learned this from seeing these children.

 “When Joglo Preschool implemented this curriculum, I realized positive changes were happening in my own mind, personally, to us as teachers as well as to the children. It is new for us to integrate many steps to achieve a goal with children. We made “My Book” and enjoyed every step along the way!” Nanik, Principal of Joglo Preschool