Peacebuilding en Las Américas – July 2019

It is a Great Workshop! Interview with Ricardo Heraldo, El Salvador

by Salomón Medina, AVP El Salvador Coordinator

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What is your name? My positive name is Ricardo Heraldo.

How did you feel after participating in the AVP workshop? The AVP workshops are definitely a great thing, I feel very good having participated in the basic workshop. The exercises made it so when you finish doing them you realize your weaknesses as well as your strengths. We received our basic workshop in the San Carlos neighborhood half a kilometer south of the center of Zacatecoluca. I also participated in a mini-workshop in the youth detention center in Ahuachapan.

How have the lessons learned from the AVP workshop helped you in your life?  It has been a great benefit to have participated. In times of need, I have used some elements that I learned in the two workshops (patience, courtesy, etc.), which has helped me avoid many difficulties  and to act differently.

What would you say to people who have not yet participated in an AVP workshop?: I would INVITE those who have not participated in these workshops to give themselves the opportunity to know what AVP is. They will discover great things about themselves. It is worth investing time in it!

Could you mention a practical example of how the AVP workshop that you participated in has served you in your life?
Well, there are several ways, but it is necessary to mention one that is practical every day: it is in my home with my wife. We used to argue a lot for different reasons.  In AVP, I discovered that I had the key to end those conflicts. At first I thought it would be easy, but it was not. I have learned through practice to be patient when she makes mistakes and to recognize when I’m wrong when she fights. It seems romantic but it has given me peace in my relationship with her. We are more united in purpose. It’s a great thing!

Anything else you would like to add? Congratulations to the promoters of this project, and to the facilitators who, with great effort, carry out this wonderful task …. Keep going until you get tired, until the strength runs out, because every sacrifice, every wakefulness, every day and night separated from their families will not be in vain. There will be many who will value that effort and will be transformed and you will then be happy to have done what you had to do. God bless you and prosper you in such noble work.