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Love in the Time of Hate: Interview with Alfredo Ágape, El Salvador

by Salomón Medina, AVP El Salvador National Coordinator
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AVP Advanced and Trauma Healing Workshops will take place in March in Zacamil, a gang-controlled neighborhood of San Salvador. Salomón interviewed a participant of previous workshops in Zacamil, fifty-year-old Alfredo Ágape.

How do you feel after participating in the AVP Workshops? 

The AVP Workshops have greatly affected more than my feelings; they have produced substantial changes in my life. When I took the first workshop, I was on the point of suicide… the maximum expression of violence toward oneself! … The AVP Workshops have definitely created a before and after; not everything is resolved, but they have given me the tools necessary to see myself and others from a different perspective. AVP programmed me to think, to love and to respect my life and the lives of others. I am happy and satisfied to be part of this extraordinarily transformative experience. …. ow, before the vicissitudes of life, violence and hate are not my first options. I feel like a revolutionary ‘because to love in times of hate is a revolutionary act.’

How have the AVP workshops helped you in your life ?:

Basically, they have helped me personally because they have given me not only the hope of change, but the real alternative and blessed experience that one can be different, that transformation is possible and real.

What would you say to people who have not yet participated in the AVP workshops?

Take it. That it is a transformative experience and that we deserve it. That there is hope. There are healthy and good alternatives in life …

Alfredo Ágape

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