African Great Lakes  

International Day of Peace 2019

The Peace International Day was celebrated with 350 university young students attending Bujumbura public and private Universities. All of them participated in peace dialogues conducted last year. This celebration happened due to the financial and technical support of AFSC, AGLI and QSN. These three international Quaker organizations collaborated to financing peace activities conducted by HROC and IPB to responding to the 2015 election crisis. HROC invited Burundi TRC president to make a presentation on this Commission missions and practice when each students had the right to invite a friend. The celebration was conducted under the following theme: “Promoting a university youth for peace, mutual tolerance, reconciliation and safe environment.”  

From the right to left: Elie Nahimana ( HROC-IPB representative), Ndayicariye Pierre Claver ( Burundi TRC President), Eliane: (AFSC program manager), Pamella ( Students representative). Photo by Rodrique I.

The celebration was introduced by four speeches by the HROC – IPB representative followed by that of the AFSC representative, the third one was pronounced by the representative of students and the last one was that of the president of HROC. 

Both turned around the workshops dispensed and its after effects or impact on trauma healing, social cohesion and economic resilience for youth today when the jobless situation is a case needing more attention.

Richard, one of the students is sharing a testimony on his vulnerability caused by his albinos’ situation since his little age, at the primary, secondary and university school. In all that, Richard responded the violence by other violence. This affected negatively his social cohabitation with others. After attending IPB – HROC workshops, he benefited peaceful manners of dealing with conflict he said.

The president of TRC presenting the missions and practices of the Commission he is leading. After his presentation, students and other participants asked many questions as photos illustrate below.

After responding to 20 questions, the remaining questions were written down and the TRC president will organize another occasion to responding to them