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International Creating Cultures of Peace Training in Indonesia Begins!

The 7th annual International Peace Training has begun!

Offered through Friends Peace Teams, the 7th annual International Creating Cultures of Peace Training started on Jan. 10, 2020 at Peace Place in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. There are 45 participants from nine countries—Aotearoa/NZ, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Russia, United Kingdom and United States—including a team of eight facilitators from six countries.

In addition to the hospitality of Peace Place, including three delicious meals a day, neighbors Subardi and Ida are very kindly hosting 14 of the participants at their house. They have also invited everyone to dinner at their house on Thursday evening.

  • Some of the things that people have liked in the first couple of days are:
  • Meeting people from other countries and forming new friendships
  • The diversity of languages and cultures
  • Playing the game Big Wind Blows and having fun and building community at the same time
  • Being amazed at the diversity of the kinds of peace work being done by the great variety of participants
  • Learning new knowledge and tools for peace
  • How beautiful the buildings and school are here at Peace Place! The new classroom/meeting hall is very comfortable and really beautiful. We include here a photo of the inside of the roof

International Peace Training Participant Story 

Nancy was invited to this training by her niece Nadine. It was not the first time she was invited but it was the first time that she said yes. Nancy recently decided to say ‘yes’ to more things after many years of saying ‘no,’ a defense mechanism she learned during childhood.

Nancy has accumulated 76 years of experience in social work, hospital psychotherapy, family and group therapy, hospital social work, training medical students, and HIV/AIDS programs, but she has taken the last ten years to reconnect with herself and learn how to make peace with people. She moved nearer to her niece Nadine and discovered they have the same passion to teach people how to help those in need and to change systems. She joined the training to see what Nadine is doing differently, a step further for peace and non-violence, and to see how it works. Nancy shared how the training has given her useful tools, and remarked that she wished that she knew about good companions while she was doing group therapy. Good companions are equals, who listen to and care for each other.

“I think I am very very lucky,” she said. “What for?” “To have work I’m passionate about, to have my education,” she answered. “Every morning I go on my patio and say ‘thank you’ to the universe for being good to me.”

International Peace Training Participant Story 

Kumar Thapa from Kathmandu, Nepal often gets angry about the conditions of the landless farmers with whom he works. The farmers have no rights to own land and are often hungry. Kumar has a daughter, age 7, who always picks on Kumar’s son, age 14, with critical questions, such as “why did you do this? Why did you do that?“

Kamar hopes for an answer to this question: “What is the truth of the power of the practice of peace?” He hopes to apply this learning to himself in order to be able to bring about more peaceful conditions in his family and in his community.