African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI)AGLI2

Mission Statement:

The African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) strengthens, supports, and promotes peace activities at the grassroots level in the Great Lakes region of Africa (Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda). To this end, AGLI responds to requests from local religious and non-governmental organizations that focus on conflict management, peace building, trauma healing, and reconciliation. AGLI sponsors Peace Teams composed of members from local partners and the international community.



African Great Lakes Initiative                                       

African Great Lakes Peace Trust (England)

Bududa Learning Center                                              

HROC – Rwanda          


AGLI Programs

Alternatives to Violence (AVP):  These are three-day experiential workshops that teach participates non-violent means of resolving conflicts. There are three levels – basic, advanced, and training for facilitators.

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC): (pronounced HE-rock) HROC is a three day experiential workshop modeled on AVP that deals with the personal and community trauma from the violent conflicts in the region. There is a basic workshop with a follow-up day and then a community celebration. An advanced workshop and training for community “healing companions.”

Transformative Mediation: This trains people to become mediators. The basic premise is that the conflict is due to broken relationships that need to be repaired. Consequently the disputants themselves, rather than the mediator, suggest the resolution that all parties must agree upon.

Workcamps: Each year in June/July AGLI sponsors workcamps in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and/or Kenya.

Extended Service Volunteers (ESV): Extended Service Volunteers (ESVs) are placements of three months or more for individuals who wish to be involved more extensively in one of AGLI programs. Some serve for one year or more.

Friends Women’s Association’ Kamenge Clinic: This clinic is a medical facility in Kamenge, one of the poorest slums in Bujumbura, Burundi. The staff includes a doctor and nurse and focuses on HIV+ women from the neighborhood while also giving basic medical treatment to the general population.

Bududa Learning Center: Bududa is a remote, poor community in eastern Uganda surrounded by Mount Elgon. The Bududa Vocational Institute teaches skills training in carpentry, masonry, tailoring, nursery school teaching, and computer skills plus life skills such as health, math, and English. There is also a women’s micro-credit program connected to the Bududa Learning Center.

Student/orphan sponsorships: AGLI supports three student/orphan sponsorships programs:

  1. Children of Peace in Bududa, Uganda for 150 orphaned and neglected children,
  2.  Secondary school student sponsorships in Rwanda,
  3. Kamenge Youth Peace Garden in Bujumbura, Burundi, which brings Hutu and Tutsi secondary school students together in a scholarship program.

Speaking tours: Two or three times per year AGLI brings our African partners to report on their grassroots peacemaking work to American, English, and/or Canadian audiences.


  1. PeaceWays-AGLI is a 16 to 20 page publication issued two or three times per year. (  > Publications > PeaceWays).
  2. AGLI has issued two books:

A Peace of Africa: Reflections on Life in the Great Lakes Region, by David Zarembka

Ending Cycles of Violence II: Kenyan Quaker Peacemaking Response to 2007 and 2013 Elections, by Judy Lumb et alter. (3). Report from Kenya is a weekly internet publication on issues affecting the African Great Lakes region (

Partnering Organizations:

Burundi: HROC-Burundi, Friends Women’s Association’s Kamenge Clinic, Mutaho Women’s Association, Magarama II Peace Primary School

Congo: HROC-North Kivu, Eglise des Freres au Congo (South Kivu)

Kenya: Friends Church Peace Teams, AVP-Trust, Friends Theological College, Change Agents for Peace International, United for Peace and Community Development, Kakuma Friends Church (Kakuma Refugee Camp)

Rwanda: HROC-Rwanda, Children’s Peace Libraries, Friends Peace House

Uganda: Bududa Learning Center, PREMMAC, Empowering Hands

United States: HROC-USA